Monday, April 11, 2011


Well that Lj is always on the move, there is no sitting down for me! From the time he wakes to the time he it is time to get ready for bed, his little feet are pitter pattering around the house. He can't stay in one room. He has to go room to room. I have had to close all the doors because with those busy feet come busy, curious hands. He tries to open the doors but can't. He has also figured out how to take the electrical socket protectors out of the sockets. I was on the phone with one of his therapists and he brought the socket protector to me with a smile like he was saying, "Ha Ha you can't fool me, but nice try lady"! So if anyone has something else to try let me know. Lj is still not communicating. All he can say is, " Dog". I swear he calls everything a dog, even me! I was hoping that his speech therapy would have started by now but it hasn't. He is #17 on the waiting list. I am trying to find other resources for him but I haven't found anything as of yet. Lj has started therapy for his sensory issues. I do have a suggestion for preemie parents that are having trouble brushing there little ones teeth. There is a brush by Dr Mom called Gentle Vibrations Massager and Toothbrush. It comes with 2 extra attachments. You can get it from Babies R US or Toys R Us for 9.99. Lj's therapist at Rainbow Babies and Children got him one for his therapy sessions. He goes for 1 hour every week. Well until next week tune in to see what else Lj is getting into!!


  1. Lol he got you. I am glad he is on the move thats a good sign. He sure is far on the list I hope that he moves up fast.

  2. They make the full plate socket covers. You might can find them at Lowe's or Home Depot. As for helping him with his speech, I'd try doing flash cards for maybe about 30 mins everyday. Eventually, after going over the cards for a while he might try to name them on his own.

    I'm glad that he is really getting the hang of walking and that you've found a toothbrush that works well for you guys. Still keeping you and the boys in prayer!

  3. I remember us talking and I told you that before you know it he will be runing around and then you'll never get any rest. Well here it is! He's a bright busy baby!

    Margaret (@goodbadfamily)