Sunday, September 11, 2011


Its been such a long time since I have been able to make a post on here. I miss everyone!

Lj has been blossoming. He is almost up to 15 words in his vocabulary and is working hard in speech therapy. He is also blossoming in occupational therapy. He has really become his own little grown person in a itty bitty body. Johnny has also started school! He goes to a development class on Thursday and Friday. The first day I rode the bus with him and then stayed with him for about 45 minutes in class. He played and then he realized that his mommy and daddy was not in there. It was so hard for me to leave him in there. I watched him from the window of the class room while he went through a series of different emotions. He cried, he laughed, he napped and he cried some more.

Well my friends I finally have a job! I am so excited that things are starting to look up for me and the boys. I am still trying to get everything together, but things are looking up.My job is in an internal medicine office. I love the people I work with already, but there are no one my age in there, but I'm trying to bond anyway.

My little big man has started 5th grade and kids are already bullying him. I have already had a meeting for him 4 days after school started. He has also decided to play basketball this year if he is able too, because they are in transition into a new school after Christmas break, I don't know if they are having sports programs.