Saturday, June 18, 2011

All About LJ

Lj is now 18 months old. He finally can walk without help, but he doesn't do steps. He can go up on all fours but he can't stand and walk up or down. He loves being outside where its quiet. A lot of noise bothers him. High pitch noises startle him and sometimes enough to make him cry. He loves to watch Sesame Street, Little Bill, Fresh Beat Band and he loves music. He is still working on sleeping in his crib and doesn't communicate with words very well. He just had a test called an Actigrapy done because he doesn't stay asleep throughout the night. The results will be explained to me on Wednesday June 22. The Dr did suggest meds, but I want to try everything before drugs. He is a daddy's boy and he loves his big brother Andre. Unless Andre doesn't give him something or takes something away. He also bites and has tantrums when he is upset. He is a happy baby boy overall and just has a little ways to go.

Lj is still seeing a lot of doctors and specialists. He is now going to see a neurologist because he has episodes where he shakes like he is extremely cold but all of his muscles tense up. He also sees a pulmonologist. She has diagnosed him with Reactive Airway disease. He takes a daily med to keep it under control. He also sees a speech therapist who says he should be saying 15 words or more, but he only says about 5. His favorite is "DOG". All the animals he sees it's a dog. He doesn't tell me with words that he wants something. He still scream and I have to figure out exactly what he wants. Lj just started saying Dad and Ma. The words he know how to say seem to be only one syllable words. He still sees occupational therapist but now he sees two of them. One for development and one for his feeding sensory issues. His developmental OT thinks he may have Sensory Processing disorder. He will be getting tested for it. He still sees Gastro and an eye doctor(Optomologist).

Nothing is the answer. OMG he doesn't like anything with texture or a strong taste. He only wants to eat PB&J for lunch. Ive tried grilled cheese, lunch meats and the list goes on, but he doesn't want it. He does eats some things like, Spaghetti, Turkey Dogs smashed, Apple Sauce, Fruit cups. Bananas and Cinnamon Bread. I try something new every week but he still wants the same thing. Because of this he is not gaining adequate weight. He drinks Pediasure but he is still not gaining. When he started Pediasure he was 19lbs and after 3 months he is only 21lbs.

Hopefully my little one will catch up with everything. He has come a long way. I thank GOD for his blessings. I am still very protective of his little body and always worried about something happening to him but meanwhile I will keep everyone updated. Thanks for reading!

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Don't Give Up

I have been missing for a while because I have been going through a lot with my home situation and the health and needs of my two boys. I know those who have been following my blog have been wondering what is happening. To be honest things have been very hard and heavy on my shoulders. Lj has started his speech therapy. HE also has been seeing two Occupational Therapists. One for his eating sensory issues and the other for his developmental issues. He goes to speech and occupational therapy once a week every week. I have also been advised to see a Neurologist because his occupational therapist believes he has Sensory Processing disorder. Lj still does not sleep throughout the night and has been sleeping with an Actigraphy Watch. This watch records his movement when sleeping and how many time he wakes up through the night.

Lj has been progressing with his speech therapist but he still does not use words for communication. It makes it hard for me to understand what he needs, what he wants and what is wrong. He has been suffering with chronic ear infections and he seems to get sick out of the blue for no reason. He stays home and doesn't go to daycare but seems to always have a congested cough, sinus congestion and what sounds like a sore throat. Just to think he can't describe what he feels so he screams and cries. He has also progressed with  developmental occupational therapy but we aren't doing to well with the eating portion. He still will not eat textured foods. If it feels funny he won't eat it. This bring about weight issues as well as difficulties in finding what he will eat. It has been so hard on me as a mom but I'm not going to give up.

Andre is done with school right now but I had a meeting for him to have adjustments made to his 504 plan for 5th grade. He is ready for the summer and his Generalized Anxiety has calmed down a bit. His ADHD/ADD symptoms are more prominent now. So testing is coming up over the summer for him.

I still have been getting turned down left and right for employment. I have applied for jobs that doesn't even have anything to do with my certification and have been turned down. I have had nights where I have felt defeated, but I look over at my sleeping preemie in the crib and say go to sleep so you can try again tomorrow. I hug Andre and say he deserves to see me happy and not worry so much about me and the home situations. Through my faith I have been able to get the next morning and try again. I have been able to mask what is taring me up on the inside.So if anyone reading this blog post is going through a rough patch have faith that you can get up tomorrow and try again. Don't Give Up!!