Thursday, November 24, 2011

What's Going On!

Hello everyone. First I want to thank those who are still following Me and my family's growth. I am proud to report that the job is going good. I could use more hours but with Lj having therapy and doctor appointments it's hard to pick up more hours. My family and I have moved. It's a scary thing for me but I am blessed and the lord has not let me down.

Lj has been making progress. He has finally reached 25 pounds and is staying that weight. Nothing more, nothing less. He is trying to talk a little more but if you are not around him everyday, you really wouldn't understand what he is trying to tell you. Some times as his mom I don't understand him. It's like a guessing game. I have to bring him things until its what he wants. He is still taking OT and SPT. In speech his theapist has agreed with me that he does ot yet have the skills or understanding ofnhownto express his needs. for example: he doesnt come to me when he is hungry, thirsty, if he needs to go potty or anything that you need on a daily basis. His tsensory processing disorder still has him with difficulties in being able to do things at times. He still has a lot of trouble with eating textures, things that are cold and things with a certain smell or taste. He also has been going through testing to find out why he is having some body issues. Once we figure it out I will share it with my friends. He will be turning 2 next month so be on the look out for birthday pics.

Andre has been in the 5th grade for a while now. He has been diagnosed by a Neuro doctor with ADHD. It explains a lot of te difficulties that he has been having in school and with SOME of his behaviors. His first report card was ok but he had 2 D's and that a no no! I'm trying to build his reading and writing skills but it hasn't helped yet. He is a happy kid but he has his moment.

Soo what's going on with me I'm Blessed that's all I can say right now because complaint would not be counting my blessing!