Sunday, June 10, 2012

Well its about time!!!!

Hello my favorite people. Its well past time for me to update you on the children and our lives. Ill atrat with Andre... andre has had a rough school year. He has been bullied and picked on By the same boy from the 3rd grade. This little boy has friends that join in on the bullying and pushes Andre to get mad enough to fight or say rude and mean things back. He has been suspended 9 times and I have been to meeting after meeting to defend him if he is right. There are time that he has been wrong and consequences were given for that. But he has had the hardest time adjusting to being older and having ot learn to control his temper. Andre has had a Neuropsychological Test and has been diagnosed with ADHD and some temperment issues. He has to go back for more testing so ill keep everyone updated on whats goin on.

Let's talk about my little LJ. He has been in developmental  school since September. It was hard for me to trust anyone with my baby, but his teache Ms Scharmaine has been the best teacher ever. (in my little girl voice) she has catered to him. He had so many fears being away from me as well as I him. She had no problem texting me or calling me about him. I love people who really care about their job. Johnny was able to learn songs and how to follow directions even though he needs a lot of redirection and sometimes can not concentrate on whta he is suppose to be doing. Johnny also got oto experience riding on a school bus. He felt like his big brother riding the school bus, but at first it was torture.

As far as Johnny testing, it has been all over the place. He has had so many test for the Percouscious Puberty but his blood levels don't show that's what he has but his body does. He has not caught up with his development. he doesn't use many words and he has to have a routine everyday. He also still has SPD and still doesn't chew or like testured things and wet or dirty stuff on his face. When he plays with things like colors or cars he lines them up and keeps them neat. He has found a major interest in Buzz Light year, The IPAD and any type of HOT Wheel Car/ or off brand. You can not take these items form him or he has a tantrum. Not like any tantrum either. DOES ANYONE ELSE HAVE A CHILD LIKE THIS?

As for me I still work part time and have been going to the doctor myself. I have not been feeling any better that I was last time I posted something. My POTS symptoms have been worse and after a work day i am so exhausted that I fall asleep driving. The physician I see wants me to not work but with 2 boys that's not an idea I have in mind right now. So pray for me!!! I love my readers and I am going to do better at keeping you guys up to date.

Don't forget if you wanna talk to me whenever you want my twitter name is dmocha1223. @ me anytime. !!!! LOVE YOU ALL!