Monday, April 04, 2011

15 Months old!

Well Lj has finally had his 15 month check up and guess what he is still 19 pounds. He is not gaining weight! He is growing a little longer but he is still itty bitty. With him being born at 30 weeks he has started having lung issues. He has been placed on Flovent and Singulair by a great pulmonologist. The doctor said that he could have some damaged lung tissue and may have developed Asthma. I am so scared for him because the summer and hay fever is coming up and usually thats when asthma suferers usually have a lot of issues. Also as he has gotten older, Lj has some sensory issues. He doesn't like stuff on his face. He hates for his face to be covered and he hates for his teeth to be brushed. He doesn't just cry he fights to keep things away from his face. He doesn't like to eat textured foods like rice or meats. He spits them out or tries to swallow things whole, which in turns then cause him to gag, choke or vomit. He needs the meats for the Protein, but I can't get him to eat them unless I put them in a food processor. The OT and I have been working on these issues but it is very difficult to see him cry and scream because I am doing something that he feels is bad. I think I still suffer a lot from guilt. He is walking very well, he is learning how to spin himself in circles and dance. To see him bounce to a song makes me feel so good, because to me he seems so happy when he does it. He has come a long way. God has blessed my little one and im so thankful.


  1. Hang in there. Don't feel guilty because you did nothing wrong. Keep the faith that he is going to get better and make progress. Also, have you tried giving him Ensure until he gets used to textured foods?

    It will help him to get the missing nutrition that he needs and put on weight. I am still keeping you and the boys in prayer.

  2. bouncing around is good. Do what works to feed him and don't beat yourself up about it. I love the cake eating he is enjoying it and I want some.