Thursday, March 31, 2011

Since My Last Post

Since my last post, I had forgotten why I loved posting my story here on my blog. I forgot that, there were other women out in this world who could relate to me, who could relate to preemie life and being in life feeling like life is a struggle. I let the negative people who sent me mean and negative tweets about my blog, stop me from sharing my story. Never again will I do that. I will be making post for me and my readers.

Sitting here in front of my laptop writing this post I am feeling almost defeated. I have been working so hard to find a job, that I have become a pest to some and a face to remember to others. Since my last post I have had two interviews. One with a hospital recruiter and on that same day with the physician that I would be working for. This was three weeks ago. My bills are still racking up and my children are starting to feel the wrath of my worry. I am not myself. I'm not happy and playful with my children. Andre, my oldest son picks up on this fact a lot. I feel alone because when I go out in public I put my happy mask on and no one knows that I'm breaking down inside! When I attend Lj's doctor appointments, the doctors and nurses always say you must be a nurse because your answers to our questions are so precise. I always say with pride, "No I am a Certified Medical Assistant". When I sit at home and I think of how many medical issues Lj is going through, or why is Social Security denying my his claim or I hope this is not the day I'm getting that eviction call, I still find a way to thank the Lord for giving me favor.  Even though my path is rocky and withered, I refuse to give up for the sake of my 2 boys.To Be Continued


  1. Continue to hang in there. God never puts more on us than we can bear. I know that you have been going through this storm for a while but God takes us through these kinds of things to have us emerge as victorious and polished diamonds!

    I will continue to offer my support and assist in anyway that I am able to. Stay encouraged and keep your head up. Don't lose faith and stay prayerful.

  2. Hang in there mama. The economy is so hard right now. I hope you have people to lean on. <3 Your boys are beautiful, you'll make it work. xo

  3. Hang in there sweetie I'm in the same position but I lost my house living with friends daily and only get to see my kids on weekend it's very hard but I know God will help me find a job and a place I won't give up!

  4. I'm still waiting for that call that there is a job for me too. I worry that my unemployment will run out & that we'll be back where we were when I was on bed rest. Is all scary but I know God has a plan! I'll keep you in prayer if you do the same for me! XOXOXO

    Margaret (@goodbadfamily)