Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Home Again


Now that we have our results we can get ready to go home. Lj's dad had finally gotten back from his training classes and Lj and I were getting ready to be discharged the next day. Of course before we left Lj had to see a nutritionist, have his labs checked and one last look over before being discharged. Lj still went home on an apnea monitor but he had different medications. We had to give him a polyvitamin plus Iron because he was anemic. We said our final goodbye's and we were off. It was time to go home the next day.


Now that we were home it was time to establish a schedule. It was easy at first because Lj had a schedule set from being in the hospital. But as weeks passed it began to change. Lj was confused about night and day, so I was always tired and grumpy. Lj began to see a developmental specialist with the Help Me Grow program and he started physical therapy too.  Lj was visited by a nurse twice a week for weight checks and I think once every two to three months for his Synergis shot. Lj was a quiet baby, he was calm and mellow until it was time to eat. He slept during the day and was up most of the night. Lj was dependent on me for everything. I took on most of the responsibility since Lj's dad went to work. I was tired and exhausted but I didn't have time to be tired. I had to suck it up and keep going. My oldest son was going through a tough time in school so I was attending meetings to get him situated in class. Lj was still vomiting everywhere and the monitor was still sounding at times. Being at home without a nurse was scary at times. Especially those times when Lj would throw up into his nose and would be struggling for air.


By the time I got back in the swing of things it was time for me to go and finish school. I had to finish my practicum class and to do my externship. I was supposed to be contacted when it was time to start by the school director but that didn't happen. I finally called and was told that where I could have taken my externship was now not available because I was missing a vaccination due to the fact that I was pregnant when I stopped going to school. I was upset because if I could have taken my externship where I was suppose to at first I could have potentially gotten a job after finishing my externship. I had 1 week to prepare to go back to school. I didn't want to leave my baby and I didn't have a babysitter either. I couldn't afford one if I had one anyway so this was an inconvience. I had to find someone quick who could give Lj his exercises and know his feeding and medication schedule ASAP! I had to find someone that I could trust with the safety of my little preemie. Well fortunately Lj's dad was able to switch his work schedule to work second shift until I finished my class and externship. I was nervous because I was always Lj's caregiver and I had his schedule set. I had to go to class once a week on top of finishing my externship which was 220 hours. I would even go in on Saturdays to try and get finished. I like the office. It was a learning experience and the people in the office were fun. I did finish and on my last day of my externship the people in the office said that they hated to see me go. The office manager wished she could hire me but there were no positions opened for me. So for now there went my job opportunity right out the window!

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