Sunday, January 02, 2011

Lj 2011


I wanted to take the time to update you on whats been going on in Lj's life since my last post. As you may know Lj is now 1 and is such a busy little boy. He had a small get together for his birthday and loved his first taste of cake. Even though he has gotten older he is still having difficulties with his health and develpoment. Lj still suffers with GERD, Chronic ear infections and Laryngeal Penetration. He just had a sleep study and it showed that he has some type sleep issue that we now have to go see a Sleep Specialist for. Lj is only 18lbs and having trouble with learning how to eat different textures of foods. He still is behind in his developmental milestones Apnea is still a problem in Lj's life. Doctors have not figured what is causing him to still have interrupted breathing while he sleeps and are going to start some testing to find out what may be causing it. Lj has 8 teeth and is very active.  He is not talking much yet but he tries. He is not walking by himself but he walks along furniture or walks with a push toy. He had his 1st Christmas and enjoyed ripping up the wrapping paper.


I did take my Certified Medical Assisting certification test and I passed. I am now a certified Medical Assistant and a part of  the AAMA. I haven't found a job yet though. I have been applying for jobs but nothing has come through yet. I am still hoping that some how I will be able to pay my back rent before I am evicted from my home. There is no income coming in my home as of yet but I am praying for a blessing. This is a new year and I am hoping it will be better than the  last 3 years. I have faith that some how thing wll get better!

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