Saturday, October 03, 2015

1st Day Back!

Hello fellow followers! It's well into 2015 and I wanted to share what's been going on with my family and I. After this post my plan is to start sharing my everyday joys and struggles that life presents me with. So let's get started!

     As you can see from the picture little Lj is in Kindergarten. It has been a long hard road getting him ready for he is still developmentally delayed. He is still having trouble sleeping through the night and has really bad Separation Anxiety. Some of his other diagnosis include Expressive Receptive Language Disorder, Cognitive Delay and Fine and Gross Motor Delays. For him the list goes on because he suffers with GP6D Defiency. His has elevated CPK levels that leave him weak and tired. It requires him to go to the doctors more than a few times. Also for me to call off work when he is having a crisis.
     At first he didn't like school because he was getting hit at school but now he seems to have acclimated himself. He still has trouble separating from his parents but we found out if we follow the same routine he doesnt have such a hatd time. Lj doesn't do well with changes in routine. He definitely has a terrible overload  meltdown. His meltdowns are strong and intense and can last for a long time.


Andre is now a Freshman in highschool.  He has had a long road to his first year of highschool. 7th grade he had a lot of suspensions and outbursts. 8th grade he matured into the blossoming young man he is turning out to be. He made Merit Roll twice in the school year and was disappointed  when he didn't make Honor Roll. As a Freshman he is still in Football. He is a starting player on the Freshman Team. He also has been a guest player on the Junior Varsity team. Sometimes his temper flares up  but through the years of counseling and getting roll models into place he has been able to learn how to deescalate a bad situation.  He makes his mama proud!


I am still prayerful. Hoping that things stay calm and mellow out. Still trying to be a strong advocate for my special needs boys. Sometimes it gets hard because I too suffer  from illnesses but with all that I am  and the strength that GOD gave me I push through. I am working full time as an Endoscopy  Technician.  It can be a very intense job. It's a very high demanding job as well. I'm away from the boys a lot. I get home late most days buy early on some. My anxiety is high and causes me to be closed in but I carry a smile on my face at work while I'm on the clock. But the moment I clock out and walk out of work my life reminds me how stressed I am. How full of doubt I am and how as s mom nothing matters except my boys happiness.


  1. Denise: You have done so much to care for your boys. There are so many moms out there, struggling to raise children, but when you add #SpecialNeeds into the mix, it gets infinitely more complicated. Hats off to you for all you do. Keep going and keep writing your blog. It will help so many other parents, especially moms! <3

  2. OMG they have gotten so big and your oldest is the picture of you. I can't believe it time moves fast. I am so glad you found a career that you can thrive in but make sure you take some time for yourself. I just can't believe how big they are now though.

  3. Lj is in kindergarten! I know you're proud of him, and I hope you're proud of yourself too! What an accomplishment to get him successfully to this point! I'm praying for God to give you strength as you move through these challenging times. Is your job a new one? You take such good care of your boys, even if it means sometimes you stay late. Please take some time for yourself before you come home on those days when you don't have to stay late. Maybe a brisk walk? Or listen to some favorite songs in the car before you head home. Big (((hugs))).